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Radiation Database Web-Application

 Most Comprehensive | Over 6000 Entries | Continuously Updated

  • How much time does your team spend on BOM scrub?

  • How do you find the right components that will meet your requirement levels?

  • Are you confident that your data mining research is complete, and you've reviewed all sources? 

  • How much is spent on radiation testing of components that end up failing to meet your requirement levels?

The Radiation Database app aims to resolve these questions and headaches for our customers. The Radiation Database contains data from over 20 years of papers and reports. Each record has been reviewed by subject matter experts. The modern web-interface eliminates the need to sieve through reports and papers. 

A small- to medium-sized instrument may contain over 100 unique microcircuits and discrete devices. The entire process of reviewing the BOM for radiation data can take months of labor. This large effort can be reduced to just a few days using our Radiation Database app. 

The Radiation Database can also help avoid radiation testing of duplicate parts. A typical TID test can cost $20K, and a typical SEE test can cost $50K for just one part. Be sure that a part has not been previously tested before dedicating resources for radiation testing. Be confident in our comprehensive database.

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