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We are zero-g radiation assurance. We are dedicated to serve the space industry of any size. Nano-satellites, CubeSats, SmallSats, LEO, GEO, and interplanetary missions. Our areas of expertise include EEE parts radiation assessment, SEU event rate prediction, radiation requirement derivation, radiation environment specification. We use tools such as CREME96, SPENVIS. Our services also include radiation testing, including heavy ion, proton, pulsed-laser, gamma ray, x-ray, to evaluate single-event effects, TID, displacement damage.  Dakai Chen has experience with NASA, Analog Devices and Blue Origin.


San Jose, CA.

telephone: 615-418-2011. 

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Zero-G Radiation Assurance

We specialize in radiation effects consultation
& radiation testing services


No matter the size of your mission or project 

we have the solutions to meet your needs.

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