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We offer a suite of web-based software applications tailored to customers in the space sector. Our core software product is the Radiation Database app that consists of the industry's largest repository of analyzed radiation test data and built on a modern, easy-to-use web interface. The app features intuitive functionality that makes the process of data mining and parts selection an efficient, engaging, and relaxing experience. 

Additionally, we have recently developed the industry's first model, used to predict the probability of SEL / DSEE in microcircuits. This product will be integrated with the radiation database app for subscription. The prototype is available for trial.

We also offer at no cost our SEU analysis app, a product that grew out of necessity to automate the process of curve-fitting SEU cross section data. It has grown to feature on-orbit rate estimates for GEO GCR heavy ions, and a variety of environments for protons, including GEO, LEO and worst-case solar particle event environments. 

  • Model to predict SEL probability

  • Enter a part number, model performs analysis based on process technology and other device parameter to calculate SEL probability with 90% confidence interval

  • Use the tool to weed out parts with high likelihood of failure prior to radiation testing

  • Largest repository of analyzed radiation test data

  • Up-to-date and actively managed

  • Customer feedback shows up to 50x reduction in man-hours performing data search / analysis

  •  Find best-fit Weibull distribution 

  • Plot & download SEU cross section data

  • Estimate error rates for heavy ion and proton environments, GCR, AP8, solar particle event  

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